John Cage
Singing Through

Joan La Barbara, soprano; Leonard Stein, piano; William Winant, percussion


Contrasts the sacred with the secular, the serene with the sexual. Joan La Barbara is the perfect vehicle ... for this delicate music.

--CD Review


For this recording, I focused on particular aspects of Cage: the sense of wonder, the feeling for beauty, the love of theatre, the fascination with words and sounds of all sorts and, of course, silence.

Each of the songs has its own emotional and acoustical space, some of which have been dictated in performance notes, some are indicated by the music itself. Unless otherwise stated, the notes instruct the singer: "To be sung without vibrato, as in folk singing."

In choosing these works I saw myself as singing through Cage, as he has done, writing through or reading through texts in order to study, to learn, to comprehend more fully.

Finally, "Singing Through" is a love song for my mentor to my mentor, my friend.

--Joan La Barbara


Selected as one of 1990's best recordings by The New York Times


Track List

1. A Flower 3:32
2. Mirakus 9:06
3. Eight Whiskus 4:17
4. The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs 2:41
5. Nowth Upon Nacht 1:09
6. Sonnekus 17:08
7. Forever and Sunsmell 5:09

8. Solo for Voice 49 1:20
9. Solo for Voice 52 3:59
10. Solo for Voice 67 2:22

11. Music for Two (by One) 5:04

Total: 55:45


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